Arguably our most visible initiative, with beautifully woven craft having found their way to various corners of the globe, and being much sought after highlights at fairs and markets, as well as online. Our organisation helps them in colour combination, patterns and sizes. resulting in bags which are contemporary but with an unmistakeable Penan touch, fashionable, practical, and hence marketable for multiple uses and functions. Besides bags, we suggest to them and show them items like trays, boxes, baskets, etc for decorative and household uses. As most of the craft is made from PP (polypropylene) strips due to the scarcity of rattan and other natural materials, we also assist in sourcing and even transporting these PP (polypropylene) strips especially to weavers in more remote villages. And most of all, we help them sell their craft to a wider market which is beyond their reach. By buying direct from them, we cut out middlemen and consignees.

Despite the use of PP (polypropylene) strips, we are committed to encouraging and preserving traditional rattan weaving as well among the weavers in the villages.

The proceeds from the sale of craft is channelled back to our ongoing initiatives with Education Sponsorship being our main focus. We believe education is the only way to bring the whole tribe up their below poverty line.

Take a look at our sample catalogue to see a selection of our Penan craft. To find out how you can purchase our Penan craft from a seller near you, as well as online, kindly take a look at the listing of our HHP local networks.